My work brings together personal speculations on time, religion, mythology and mortality. I use a methodology inspired by that of ley hunters; whereby a chaos of proven and unproven information is used to form a strongly held but highly personalised structure for belief. This way of working allows the freedom to explore layers of memory, thought and history, which are in a constant state of flux. I use an assemblage of objects and ideas, that signal a personal and internal experience of time.

Reconciling with the passage of time and mortality is a lifelong struggle. Religion, spirituality and mythology all offer answers or solutions to this struggle through the proposal of the afterlife & rebirth. The inevitability of death is irrelevant, the soul thrives on ephemeral fantasies and these fantasies remain a perpetual possibility, in an internal world of speculation. It is this speculative world that I find most interesting; where fact and fiction become indistinguishable, where truth is entirely subjective and personal feeling takes precedence.